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It Doesn't Get Better

Nineteen folks enrolled in my "Peace Cranes Over Hiroshima" class today at International Quilt Festival in Houston, and they were an exceptionally delightful group. Several had never foundation paper pieced, and this is not a beginner's quilt but they were fearless. By the end of the day, you would have thought they'd been foundation piecing for years.

Their work was beyond good. Thank you to all in the class for making today among my best ever teaching days. It was an honor to be with you, to quilt with you, to laugh with you, to enjoy six hours pursuing our passion. Great day!

"Peace Cranes Over Hiroshima" quilt, designed

by Dana Jones

We worked on Elna eXcellence 780 Plus machines in our classroom today and yesterday. These are quiet, smooth running machines. There wasn't one issue with any of the 20+ machines in the classrooms. Our Elna educator, Sam Fong, was superb.

I'm pleasantly exhausted again tonight. I will give a lecture tomorrow before saying goodbye to Houston for this year. It has been a good experience. I've learned a lot and met so many wonderful people. I've had the chance to connect in person with several folks I've only known online. Those experiences have been a joy. Among these folks is Linda Marcinowski. A quilt she recently completed is pictured below. I have enjoyed knowing her and seeing her work online for some time now. Linda, thanks for stopping by my classroom to say hello.

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It was wonderful seeing you! L students in your classes.

Replying to

Lucky students (silly autocorrect)

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