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Hello Mother, Hello Father: Here I Am at Camp ...

Recording my Summer Camp class

If you're of an age — I am — you grew up singing "Hello Mother, Hello Father. Here I am at Camp Grenada." The list of reasons to avoid summer camp was long: Rain, hail, missing campers, poison ivy, tomaine poisoning, alligators, malaria, and more. While I loved this song, I looked forward to camp all year. I've missed it in recent years but not this summer. I'm part of the faculty for Quilt 2024 Summer Camp, a creative learning experience for quilters created by Bea Byrne of California.

You don't have to pack for this camp as you will tune in from home, giving new meaning to Staycation. You can sign up for free and watch more than 30 classes for 24 hours from the time they go live from July 17-21. There are also pay options — Friend ($20) and VIP ($49) — that give you access to the classes for longer periods of time up to early next year. There are give-aways, sew alongs, live panel discussions and more. Check it out: After you register, check out my teacher interview with Brandy Maslowski.

My one-hour romp through the highlights of my Demystifying Design for Foundation Paper Piecing class will go live at 8 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time Sunday, July 21.

Sign up now for Summer Camp for a whole lot of quilting fun. I promise you won't encounter rain, hail, missing campers, poison ivy, tomaine poisoning, alligators, malaria or any downsides. But you may find yourself singing from the rooftops about all the new quilt techniques you've learned.

Amazing Response to Workshop on Insetting Circles

Offer a workshop for free, and they will come. That's what I learned when I opened registration for my upcoming July 9 Insetting Circles free workshop. I offered the workshop as an introduction to my Stepping Beyond Drunkard's Path class that will meet the second Tuesday of the month from August 13 through December 10.

If you missed the chance to enroll in the free introductory workshop, don't worry. For a reasonable fee, I will be making a link to the recording of the workshop available to those who think they'd like to take Stepping Beyond after July 9 and first want to understand the process that will be taught. I'll send a link to sign up for the recording soon.

You don't have to wait to enroll in Stepping Beyond Drunkard's Path. Register now to guarantee you'll get a seat. By the time you complete this workshop, insetting circles will have become nature.

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1 Comment

camp is very--entertaining--and they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining! Thanks for the ear worm, Dana!

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