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2024 Lecture and Class Rates


The cost of my lectures are $350 for guilds under 100 members and $400 for larger guilds when offered via Zoom, and $450 and $500, respectively, for in-person lectures if not booked with a workshop. If you book a workshop with a lecture, the lecture price is reduced by $100. Lectures are 45 minutes to an hour plus question-and-answer time. I can present in person or through my Zoom account or yours. There is no charge to you if my Zoom account is used. 

Prices for my classes offered through guilds follow for a maximum of 20 people. For some classes, I’m open to teaching additional people at an additional per-person cost. I will teach for a minimum of four people. I teach open enrollment classes for individuals for the prices listed on this website when they are offered. If there is a class you would like to take, let me know, and I can work with you to schedule it. Your assistance in recruiting additional participants will be appreciated.

3-hour classes:    $450

4-hour classes:    $550

6-hour classes:    $650

12-hour classes:  $900


Longer classes: As listed on the website or negotiated with guilds


Guilds will be asked to sign my contract and pay $100 deposit for lectures and classes.

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