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Basic 101 Classes

Teaching basic 101 classes is fun because I get to share my passion with others who are just discovering today's amazing world of quilting or are learning a new skill that will open up a whole new arena of quilting to them. Each time a student in Quilting 101 sews her, his or their first perfect scant quarter inch seam, it's a celebration. As students discover the array of tools and beautiful fabrics available to them, my face lights up with theirs. As students find foundation paper piecing produces otherwise elusive points and virtually any angle, I remember how much I loved my first foundation paper piecing (FPP) class. When a student finds the same calm I do in the handwork that is English paper piecing, it is a joy.

Quilting 101

24 hours in 8 three-hour sessions

You’ll complete a nine-block sampler wallhanging in this comprehensive class that will introduce quilting basics from fabric selection and preparation to cutting to piecing to sashing to adding borders to basting to quilting to binding. We'll begin by learning best rotary-cutting practices and how to make a scant quarter-inch seam. The first sessions of the class will be devoted to making the blocks moving from the easiest — the rail fence blocks — to the most challenging — the house block. Then we'll move to joining the blocks with sashing and adding borders. We'll learn several methods of basting the layers together then learn stitch-in-the-ditch and straight-line walking-foot quilting. Binding instructions will include making and attaching a hanging sleeve. In 8 three-hour sessions, you’ll learn more than you can imagine as you’ll gain the skills you need to call yourself a quilter. 

Inquire about customized options for shorter intro classes: or 720-654-8430

Machine Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) 101

6-hour class


Extreme angles, perfectly matched points, fun images of animals and flowers, and more, much more, are all easy to do with foundation paper piecing. You’ll learn the basics of this versatile and precise technique as you create blocks and a pieced border for a quick-to-make table runner. It’s a simple as sewing on the lines. 

English Paper Piecing 101

One-day class

Learn the fun and easy hand-piecing technique know as English Paper Piecing that is taking the U.S. quilt world by storm. You’ll learn multiple ways to prepare hexagons (hexies), diamonds and curved pieces so you can pick the method you like best. Then you’ll try several ways to put these shapes together to create enchanting quilt tops. And you’ll learn to layer hexies for stunning dimensional grandmother’s flower garden blocks or pieced hexagons for high-energy grandmother’s flower garden blocks. English paper piecing is the perfect take-along project as well as a great way to keep your hands busy while watching TV or listening to books.

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