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Green Fuzz, Hummingbird Buzz

Wild iris are among the first wildflowers to emerge in my Rocky Mountain neighborhood. Photo by Dana Jones©

I've scheduled two classes in which I hope you'll enroll. Information on them is near the end of this blog post. If you've taken these classes and have time to recommend them to others, please share the link to this blog post. I can really use your help getting the word out about what I'm offering through open enrollment via Zoom. Thanks in advance for forwarding information to your quilt buds.

And now I have big news to share: Spring has arrived!!

Scratching your head at this declaration?

Spring likely came to your area a month or more ago. When you live at 9,200 feet in the Rocky Mountains as I do, late May is the beginning of spring. You know it's here when a walk outside invites a hummingbird to buzz your head, a not so subtle reminder it's time to hang the feeders. The pine-pollen shower can't be far behind. Soon the deck, the car, my lungs, everything will be coated in light green fuzz. The arrival of an afternoon rainstorm will be welcome to wash away the pollen.

The whole world seems to be celebrating. Mama moose stopped by for lunch and to show off her new baby. The sunshine appears early then transitions to midday clouds before it returns to shine again before setting the stage for a night sky full of stars. The aspen leaves begin to open, and Colorado's pesky but environmentally important miller moths begin their migration into the mountains. Chipmunks chase each other around the yard teasing my two pups to distraction.

Life in the Rockies is good. It is the perfect place for me to quilt and regroup after a busy first quarter of this year. I've been on the road and online teaching and speaking for guilds and shops, and spending time with family and special friends. 2024 is great so far!

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, or Not

Above, members of Desert Quilters of Nevada

In my last blog, I said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I lied. I just have to show you these fun shots from my time with the Desert Quilters of Nevada, with their permission of course. Those who signed up for my "Goodbye Ruler, Goodbye Rotary Cutter" workshop embraced the spirit of quilting on Caohagan Island as they free cut and crafted images of houses, animals, flowers and more. Check out Janice McClellan's quilt below. My thanks to guild president Jeanne Spala and all the guild members for their above-and-beyond hospitality.

Quilt by Janice McClellan of Desert Quilters of Northern Nevada. Photo courtesy of Janice McClellan.

And Then Came Vacation

A day to kick back in LasVegas — a relaxing meal and a visit to the Neon Boneyard — then it was time to meander home with stops at national parks and monuments and other gorgeous sites in Arizona and Utah. Here are some highlight photos.

Above left, Zion National Park full-moon hike along a rushing river. Above right, Goosenecks State Park overlook, southern Utah. Photos by Dana Jones©

Hermit's Rest trail at Grand Canyon National Park. Photo by Dana Jones©

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Utah, at sunset. Photo by Dana Jones©

Above left, Canyonlands National Park, Needles Area. Above right, Natural Bridges National Monument. Photos by Dana Jones©

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah. Photo by Dana Jones©

To Quilt or To Travel? Yes. Both, Please.

I've been asked if my blog is a quilting blog or a travel blog. The answer appears to be "yes" to both. Now for more on quilting.

Detail of Bird on a Branch by Dana Jones; quilted by Rita Meyerhoff.

Sign Up Now:

"Demystifying Design for Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP)"

Register now for the next session of my popular "Demystifying Design for Foundation Paper Piecing" workshop, which will be Sundays, June 9 and 16. You'll learn what I call the Paper Police© rules as you design a block then create a pattern for a pictorial quilt based on a photo of your choice. You'll be amazed how easy the process is and how quickly you'll be designing your own FPP patterns.

The class will meet for two three-hour sessions from noon-3 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (2-5 p.m. Eastern, 1-4 p.m. Central, and 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Pacific).

Detail of Warp Speed by Dana Jones; quilted by Rita Meyerhoff.

Don't Miss "Finding Your Design Sense" Workshop

This workshop is truly unique. Particpants have said the workshop is "fun," "challenging," "intense," and "life changing." One said, "It went beyond my expectations. It's way more than an introduction; it's worthy of college credit." Another said, "A great investment of time and money."

Are you ready to design your own quilts but aren’t sure where to start? This class will introduce you to the basics of design — balance, unity, variety, line, shape, value, color, pattern, texture and more — through in-class activities and at-home play. You’ll learn what appeals to you toward developing your design style. In this class, you will:

  • Learn concepts of design you can use to design quilts and to adapt other people’s designs;

  • Be stretched to try new ideas, some that will push you to a new place and some that will affirm your ability as a designer;

  • Discover how nature inspires design; and

  • Become confident you can design quilts unique to you.

The class will meet once a month for five months, allowing time between classes to practice what you learn. And there will be a final critique session for those who are interested. 

This class will meet from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time the second Tuesday of the month from June through October. Meeting dates are June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12 and October 10. (Class time will be noon-3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Central Daylight Time, and 9 a.m.-noon Pacific Daylight Time.)

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