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Turkeys! Turkeys! Turkeys!

Turkeys at South Llano River State Park near Junction, Texas. Photo by Dana Jones©

Turkeys at last! As I headed out of South Llano River State Park, the resident turkeys must have read my blog yesterday. I said after three stays at the park, I'd yet to see them. As I exited the park, there they were. A great way to start my day.

Today was overcast with periods of drizzle. I stayed off the interstate driving through parts of western Texas new to me. Most of the drive was flat, open land with occassional small towns. It may have been the gray day, but I was struck by how depressed the towns looked. So many boarded up stores, so many rundown homes, so little traffic. The light traffic was okay by me. Within a few miles of my destination — Caprock Canyons State Park — the terrain changed. The entrance to the park was open prairie but a few miles into the park, the canyons for which it's named began to appear. Stunning red cliffs!

Caprock Canyons State Park. Photos by Dana Jones.©

There were signs everywhere to watch for bison on the road. My first drive of the park road showed evidence they'd been there but no bison in sight. That changed on my second trip down the road. A woman stopped roadside with camera alerted me there was something to see up ahead. Three bison were headed down the road, walking single file with apparent purpose.

Bison at Caprock Canyons State Park. Photo by Dana Jones.©

As I headed up a hill, setting sun in my eyes, I encountered a bison roadblock. It was a surrealistic sight as they were silhouetted against the sky.

Bragging Rights

Backing my R-Pod into campsites is challenging. Today was a tough angle. But I do need to say that Emma — yes my R-Pod has a name — and I seem to have a new understanding. My backing skills have improved leaps and bounds this trip.

Upcoming Demystifying Class: Photo to Pattern

With just two days of driving 'til I'm home, I'm thinking about upcoming quilt lectures and classes. This month's session of my "Demystifying Design for Foundation Piecing" workshop is full so I've scheduled a session in May. If you've not taken this class, consider signing up.

A photo can inspire a quilt design.

Pattern design based on photo. © by Dana Jones

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