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Making Plaid and More Plaid

I'm making a second plaid for my "I'm Not From Ohio" quilt.

I'm afraid I'm a bit addicted to creating "fabric" for quilt blocks through piecing. I just spent a day and a half making my second plaid, and it's not quite finished. I needed a smaller repeat than with my first plaid. In case you didn't see it a few days ago, here is my first plaid in a finished block.

I have another color to add to the plaid at the top so I'll likely spend most of tomorrow on that. Some folks here at Quilt Surface Design Symposium think I'm crazy to do this work, some don't get it and some do similar detail work. The beauty of quilting is the range of what each of us enjoys and makes.

Meet Some of My Classmates

I had hoped to show you what my classmates have worked on here in Columbus this week but I really can't do so. Many are working on pieces they hope to enter into contests. If preliminary photos get out, that can destroy those opportunities. So I'm sharing their past work and links to their websites so you can see more. Most sell their work so if you are a collector, don't miss their shops.

Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Patty K-Z) has worked at the table next to mine this week. She is a delight. She makes the most amazing quilts working with archival photos, shibori dyeing and screen printing. Her work has been exhibited at Quilt National and in art galleries across the country. In fact, we had a chance to see one of her pieces at the Ohio Craft Museum yesterday. She is hatching some new ideas so watching her work into the future should be exciting. Check out her website.

Cindy Grisdela is not only an incredible quilt maker, she's also a gifted teacher and author. She shares some of the new directions she's going with her work on her website. While you're enjoying her work, check out her classes. You're likely to find one you want to sign up for. If you enjoy improv or want to try it, her books are must haves.

Kevin Womack worked at the table just across from me so I got to watch his process of putting his dyed and surfaced designed fabrics on his design wall as he looked for just the right combinations for his aesthetic. I especially liked his fabrics that include writing that only he can read though you are sure you should be able to decipher it. Kevin is not only taking classes here at QSDS, he's also teaching. Check out his website and don't miss his shop.

Art Gallery solids from Sew to Speak sewing shop in the Old Worthington neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.

A Longer Lunch Break

I took a bit longer lunch break today so I could mail several copies of my book — thank you to all who have ordered them recently — then visited Sew to Speak sewing shop, where talented quilt artist and friend Rachel Wallis teaches and works. I couldn't pass up the shop's wall of Art Gallery solids. The hand of these fabrics is smooth and sleek, making this my new favorite brand of solids.

I picked up reds and oranges to round out my stash. Ditto for several rich browns. I had to toss in the turquoise just because. I got 1/2 yard cuts but met a woman who is enrolled in a two-week class with Nancy Crow who was buying 3 yards of just as many colors, maybe even more.

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Jun 05, 2022

Fabulous plaid my friend! And what great surrounding talent! Glad you’re having fun!


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