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Houston Adventure Begins!

"Out on a Limb," designed for foundation paper piecing from a photo then pieced by Dana Jones; quilted by Rita Meyerhoff.

As I began my drive to Houston for Quilt Market and the International Quilt Festival today, I found myself singing Carly Simon's "Anticipation," making up some of the words. I sang:

"We can never know about the days to come

But we think about them anyway.

And I wonder if I'm really teaching in Houston

Or just chasin' after some finer day."

"Anticipation, anticipation

Is makin' me late,

Is keepin' me waitin'...

..."These are the good old days...."

I'm still pinching myself to fully believe I'm teaching and speaking for the first time at International Quilt Festival. As I drove today, I remembered telling myself soon after I started quilting that some day I'd teach at such events. How hard could teaching be? I thought. Never mind that I was a beginning quilter. I'd attended two quilt shows where I took classes with national/ international teachers and was convinced I could teach such classes. Little did I know the hard work it would take to do that. I had to learn to quilt then I had to find shop owners who believed I could teach. Thanks to Colleen Nunes, former owner of Quilters Crossing in West Nyack, New York, I got my first teaching gigs. It was fun but it was also hard work. Houston became more and more a pipe dream.

Then COVID hit. Those of us ready to teach and speak via Zoom were suddenly in demand. I became part of the Global Quilt Connection, a group of about 200 quilt teachers and speakers organized by the amazing Lyric Kinard, Sue Bleiweiss and Mel Beach. The requests to speak and teach multiplied. I got the courage to apply to teach and speak in Houston. The Quilt Goddess of all good things in the quilt world smiled on me when a number of my proposals for Houston were accepted.

"Peace Cranes Over Hiroshima" designed and pieced by Dana Jones

Next week I'll teach three classes and give two lectures. The classes will all be from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.. There are still openings in the classes. Registrations will be taken right up to class time if openings remain. I should would love to see you in class. Here's what I'm teaching:

I'll present two lectures:

  • "The International Honor Quilt: Women Remembering Women," 4-5 p.m. Wednesday, November 2 (No. 359)

  • "Indigo, Taupe and More: Japanese Fabric from Vintage to Contemporary," 10-11 a.m. Saturday, November 4 (No. 751)

I hope if you're in Houston, we can connect. So many of you I've only met online during Zoom classes. It would be amazing to meet in person.

'Tis the Season

"Solstice Forest," created by Dana Jones

If you're in need of a last minute holiday gift, a hostess gift or a decoration for your home, I'm offering three classes in early December that may fit the bill. These are quick and easy projects you can whip up before you know it. You can customize them to the holidays you celebrate with your fabric choices.

These four-hour classes are just $40 each or all three for $100, a savings of $20. You'll find information on the classes on my website. Just go to my home page and scroll down to find descriptions of each class and links to register.

I can't think of a better way to kick off this holiday season than to be with you in any and all of these classes.

"Prancing Around," created by Dana Jones

Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Canyon, Texas, a bit south of Amarillo. Photo by Dana Jones.

The first leg of my trip to Houston was from my home in Gilpin County, Colorado, to a campsite at Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas. This is my fourth or fifth time staying in this wonderful park. Entering after dark is an experience. A sign that indicates the road is a 10 percent downhill grade is just before the one that features the image of multiple S curves and words that read 15 mph. The descent into the canyon — beautiful in the daylight — is an adventure after dark. Emma, my 18-foot Rpod camper, is a real trooper. While she'd like to have pushed us down the canyon faster, she responded well to my gentle braking.

I quickly leveled Emma side to side then hooked up the electricity and water. Her propane-powered heater quickly took the chill out of her. A cozy sleep under a down comforter awaits when I complete this blog. I always get a good night's rest in Emma, my high maintenance BFF.

Tomorrow I head to San Antonio then on to Houston first thing the next day. Yes, it's real. I'm teaching and speaking in Houston. I sure hope I'll see many of you there. You've got my schedule so you'll know where to find me. You can also text me at 720-654-8430 to we can find a time to meet up.

I'll be blogging from the road from now through November 8 as my time and energy allow so check out this page from time to time to find out how Emma and I are doing. I'll send periodic emails but don't want to bug you every time there's a new blog post.

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Thanks Sally. I hope you well. I want to get down to Canyon City sometime before too long to search out my great grandmother's grave. It would be great to connect when I do that. I'll let you know when I schedule a time.


Sally Saulmon
Sally Saulmon

Congratulations --- enjoy the experience!

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