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Global Quilt Connection, Round 2

I'm so glad to be part of the Global Quilt Connection, an international group of quilt teachers and speakers organized by Lyric Kinard and Sue Bleiweiss in response to the need for quilt guilds to have programs during the pandemic. Mel Beach joined the leadership team to coordinate the website. Through the Global Quilt Connection, I'm having so many opportunities to speak and teach across the United States and Canada. A quilter from the Netherlands recently registered for one of my upcoming class. And I've learned a lot about converting from one time zone to another.

I've learned so much from the other teachers as we all seek to get better and better at presenting and teaching via Zoom. It will be interesting to see where this supportive community goes in the future.

Recently, we were asked to prepare three-minute videos to promote what we have to offer. Here's mine. Enjoy.

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