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Best of Show, Where's the Door?

QuiltCon Best of Show winner "2020 Vision" by Hillary Goodwin.

QuiltCon Best of Show Winner

Hillary Goodwin said of her quilt, "2020 Vision":

"How does one commemorate a horrible year?...2020 broke me a bit as a healthcare work, as a daughter who lost her father, and as a citizen who saw the fabric of her country fray...."

She answered her question with this machine-pieced, hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted piece. Look closely to see the issues of 2020 quilted amidst the many quilted 2020s

Where's the door? Hint: Try getting into the van.

Where's the Door?

It took a couple of takes for me to realize the way into this truck stop was through the van door. It was a bit like boarding The Tardis (Dr. Who). The interior was unbelievably spacious when compared to the entrance.

Not much else to report from today. Driving 725 miles in one day doesn't leave much time for taking photos. I'm only about five hours from Daytona Beach. Good thing as the meeting for all of us who will be teaching and speaking at the AQS show there is tomorrow evening. I'll arrive just in time.

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