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Where in the World is Dana?

Where am I tonight? The first person to guess right — respond here or email me at — wins a fat quarter. I'm looking for city and state. Clue: I'm not in Houston. I'm two hours away visiting a friend I've known since kindergarten. Yes, that's a really long time ago.

Emma and I were thrilled with the welcome at our campsite. Most sites have metal artwork of some sort. The selection at my site is a cue I need to get my cowgirl on. As I walked around the campground, I loved a family of tin skunks and gave points to a gaudy display at one camper that included blow-up palm trees and giant blow-up pumpkins. I walked over there after dark to see it all lighted up. Sorry, the photo didn't come out.

Help Me Name This Cutie

Check out the incredible stitching on this delightful and colorful bird. It's the handiwork of my friend Jackie Anderson of Colorado Springs. Jackie does exquisite appliqué, embroidery, beading and more. She created this fun pincushion from a Sue Spargo pattern. Instead of making a wall hanging with a number of blocks, she turned each block into a piece for a friend. That's the joy of Jackie. She spreads love and laughs as she makes friends everywhere she goes. I'm so glad I'm among those she has gathered to her heart. Please send love and hugs and kisses to Jackie as she's recently had knee surgery. She's healing well but it never hurts to add healing thoughts for those we love. This lovely creation will live in Emma. She needs a name. Your ideas?

My Palette for a Houston Class

Fabric I'll use to make Linda Hahn's "Castleton Corner" at International Quilt Festival

A few years ago — pre-COVID — my New York quilting bud Janet Messanelli Bozzone and I decided we'd start an annual tradition of attending International Quilt Festival together. It soon appeared we faced a challenge: We are drawn to very different kinds of quilting. While we didn't need to be joined at the hip for the week, we did want to take some classes together. So we each agreed to take a class selected by the other person. The class Janet chose — "Collage the Garden" with Sarah Ann Smith — proved to be one of my favorites. I now follow Sarah's work and recommend you do the same. Janet really connected with Paula Nadelstern in the kaleidoscope class I selected. Ditto for me.

We thought we'd try again this year. Since I'm teaching three days and lecturing two others, we varied the plan a bit. Monday we'll take Linda Hahn's "Castleton Corner" class. Janet is enrolled in two of my three classes, and I'm hoping has been named Teacher's Pet. Above is the fabric I'll use for Linda's class.

Staff of the Sewing Studio in Lubbock, Texas. From the shop's website.

I brought most of the fabric for Linda's class from home but I still needed just the right blue. I lucked into the perfect fabric when I stopped at the Sewing Studio in Lubbock, Texas, today. What a wonderful shop! The owner is the center of the second row. She purchased the shop right before COVID hit but never fear, she had a plan. The shop has extensive plate class windows so she lined up bolts of fabric in the windows. Each bolt got a number. Folks were invited to come and window shop since the shop couldn't be open to the public. Folks found fabrics they wanted then called or emailed in their orders, which were packaged and distributed without contact during a few hours each day. What a creative idea! If you're in Lubbock, this is a must stop. A visit will make you smile.

Did You Miss Yesterday's Blog?

I'm blogging as I travel to and from Houston for Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival and from there as long as my energy holds up. I won't send emails everyday but I do encourage you to check out the blog portion of my website as you are able from now through November 8. Yesterday I shared information on the special holiday-themed classes I'll be offering in early December via Zoom. These come just in time for last-minute stitching. If you haven't checked them out, I hope you will. I'd love to see you in class.

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