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Pretty Pictures Just Because

En route to the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, Ohio, I stopped to visit my sister. We spent the day in her amazing garden. I hope you'll enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and spending the day among these gorgeous blooms.

A bit of wisdom among the flowers

The lawn at Tin Cup RV Park

Tin Cup RV Park near Lake in the Woods Forest Preserve:

A Great Place to Stay

I stayed two nights at Tin Cup RV Park, which is a privately-owned local campground with lots of space between sites, full hookups, helpful staff, and a lush green lawn that was a delight to walk on barefoot. Lawns aren't a thing in Colorado where I live so it's nice to enjoy the morning dew between my toes from time to time.

Rain the day before I arrived meant lots of mushrooms/toadstools had popped up and the clover was everywhere just ready to be picked and tied into necklaces and bracelets, a favorite past time of mine as a child growing up in the Midwest.

A Flash From the Not-Too-Distant Past

I recently taught and spoke for the League of Northern Colorado Quilters who meet in Loveland, Colorado. Outside, it a was a gray, rainy day – rare in Colorado though we always welcome the rain. Inside was a different story. It was a warm, fun group that got into making Fabulous Freeform table runners. A few folks even expanded theirs to bed-sized quilts.

I really enjoy teaching for guilds, and being in-person with a great group quilters was a treat. A shout out to program chair Carla Lucas for all the hard work she did to set up the day. Thanks, Carla!

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1 commentaire

31 mai 2022

I love your sister's garden--the flowers and the ornaments! Beautiful and fun! What state does she live in?

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