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Museum Time in Paducah

"Mountain Chapel" by Annette Kennedy, Longmont, Colorado, 2008

As I wandered through the galleries at the National Quilt Museum on Sunday, I was drawn to "Mountain Chapel" by Annette Kennedy. It was inspired by St. Catherine's Chapel in Allenspark, Colorado, which is just up the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway from where I live. No wonder it grabbed my attention. Each time I drive to Estes Park to teach at the Stitchin' Den or hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, I pass this lovely structure, which appears to emerge from the rock beneath it.

Fabulous Freeform table runner by Dana Jones.

Time to Sign Up

Speaking of the Stitchin' Den, I'll be teaching there later this month, and there are still a few spaces for you to register. My "Fabulous Freeform" class will be offered in-person and on Zoom simultaneously. It will meet from 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time Friday, June 24. Kits of the Warehouse District fabric designed by Lesley Tucker Jenison that I used are available from the shop. Register now.

At left, "Making A Point" by Diane Firth. At right, "Blown by the Wind," also by Diane Firth.

Quilts from Down Under

Among the exhibitions at the National Quilt Museum was "Australia Wide Seven" by the ozquilt network. These small quilts were impressive. I especially liked the two above by Diane Firth.

"Blue Grass" by Carolyn Sullivan was lovely. The texture of her hand stitching to create the grass seeds made it appear you could slip them off the stalks to plant. It seemed only fitting to enjoy this quilt after a day of driving through rural Kentucky where references to blue grass are everywhere. In Colorado where I live, many of us don't think much of folks using precious water to have blue-grass lawns, but where the earth is lush and green, the blue grass is wonderful as is this depiction of blue grass Australian-style.

"Blue Grass" by Carolyn Sullivan

In For The Night

After a pleasant 400-mile drive from Paducah across Missouri into Oklahoma — all on Highway 60 through the Ozarks — Emma and I are settled in at the Twin Bridges Area at Grand Lake State Park in northeastern Oklahoma. Tomorrow we'll head across Oklahoma. And tomorrow I hope to share a few more photos from the National Quilt Museum. It's really great they now let you take photos. Just no flash.

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