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Designing Women

Balance designs by Martha Ritter for "Finding Your Design Sense" class.

In September, I launched a new class called "Finding Your Design Sense." The most amazing 10 students signed up for the four three-hour sessions held once a month through December. In class, we cover basic design principles then everyone engages home-play assignments to apply what we've discussed. As a teacher, it is joy to be teaching this class, and I so appreciate the women who were willing to sign up for a brand new class.

I will be scheduling this class again in early 2023. If you think you'd be interested in signing up or would like more information about the class, please be in touch: Enjoy the striking designs above that were created by Martha Ritter.

Remember the Alamo and a River Cruise

The Alamo, photo by Dana Jones

Today was a perfect day to tour San Antonio, Texas. My tour guide: A friend I went to school with from kindergarten through high school. The weather was perfect, the city lovely, and sharing memories was fun. I definitely will return to this city.

River Walk boat ride, San Antonia, from web

I was fascinated to learn one of the buildings along the River Walk — the Hilton Palacio Del Rio — was built in a most unusual way. The rooms were built on a site seven miles away, complete with furniture, carpeting, lamps, TVs and even a Gideon Bible in the night stands. As rooms were completed, a crane was used to stack them on top of each other. It's a great story.

On to Houston Tomorrow

Come morning, I'll hitch up Emma and we'll head to Houston, first for Quilt Market and then for International Quilt Festival. I'm looking forward to seeing so many friends and colleagues there. I'm a bit nervous about teaching but mostly excited for such a great opportunity.

Thanks to all of you who are checking in on my journey and especially for the kind emails so many have sent. You're the best!

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