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Shout-Outs from QuiltCon

My work from QuiltCon workshop Log Cabin Circles taught by Maria Shell.

Thursday was my first day at my first QuiltCon, and it didn't disappoint. It did exhaust. A shout-out to QuiltCon planners, the Modern Quilt Guild folks, who have created a first-rate event with a vibe of community unique in my experience of national quilting events. QuiltCon leaders, you get my first shout-out.

My first attempts to work in Adobe Illustrator toward creating a pattern for foundation piecing a portrait of a girl I met in a refugee camp in Palestine. Photo by Dana Jones.©

My second shout-out goes to Angela Bowman, teacher of Portraiture in FPP (foundation paper piecing). From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Angela knowledgeably and patiently led 24 of us, some with minimal skill with Adobe Illustrator and all working on both computers and tablets, in creating FPP patterns. My brain was close to fried by day's end but equally engaged at the possibilities. I have lots of study and practice ahead. Thanks to Angela, I know where to begin. To any of you who taken are enrolled in my Demystifying Design for Foundation Piecing classes, this class would be a great follow up for you. My brain is cranking on what I can incorporate from it into my teaching.

After a quick walk of the vendor hall and first look at some of the quilts on display, it was time for my second class, Log Cabin Circles taught by Maria Shell. It was my fourth class with Maria, whose a great teacher. She goes shout-out No. 3. Results of my first efforts using a new technique is at the top of this blog. Lots of fun with lots of possibilities for use in future quilts.

Tomorrow will be more relaxed so I look forward to time to check out more of the exhibition quilts. If we're allowed to take photos, I'll post some in my next blogs.

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