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Fabric Shopping Anyone?

Peace by Piece Quilt Shop in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The Kessler family — mom Bell, daughter/sister Cathy, and son/brother Michael — own Peace by Piece, a quilt shop in Biloxi, Mississippi. They're proud to have purchased, remodeled and moved into new space in the last year. In addition to fabric, notions and all that you find at quilt shops, they also have a significant long-arm business. Bell was working on a Gammill with a 36-foot bed while Michael was quilting an overall pattern on a computerized Quilting Master IV by Lancaster County Quilting Creations.

It's a friendly shop. When I asked to take photos for my road trip blog, they offered to give me a tour of the full operation. They were working hard to complete multiple quilts for "snow birds" who are wrapping up their winter stays in the Gulf area.

Their specialities include Mardi Gras and seashore-inspired fabric.

Check out their website.

Cathy Kessler working on trimming a quilt in front of the shop logo she painted on a shop wall.

Michael Kessler works on a quilt.

The streets of Biloxi glittered today with piles of cast-off Mardi Gras beads.

Mardi Gras Clean Up

Biloxi city workers were out with rakes to clean the streets from Tuesday's Mardi Gras celebrations. There were long lines outside churches for Ash Wednesday services.

Guif Islands National Seashore, Davis Bayou area.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

It was a warm, sunny day with relatively low humidity on the Gulf Coast, perfect for hiking and searching for the woodpeckers in the trees but a bit chilly for the alligators to be out and about except at midday.

A Few Random Thoughts from the Day

Driving into Biloxi, one side of Highway 90 was lined with casinos. There were large homes on the other side, many with historic marker signs. I had to laugh as I passed signs for several of these homes with the final sign in the chain reading "Waffle House." It didn't indicate it was an historic site.

Later, I walked by a half dozen buildings — gift shops I think — in Ocean Springs, each with a sign saying "No Public Restrooms." If there is a municipal public restroom nearby, the signs didn't mention it. I had to wonder what kind of world doesn't allow folks to use bathrooms. I decided I will not patronize such businesses.

Coming Tomorrow:

Highlights of my visit to the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs.

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