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Make Great Quilts by Great Designers

I'm good at deciphering and simplifying challenging quilt patterns, which is one reason I tackled Jen Kingwell's "Wife Quilt" and then her "Baker's Dozen." If you love her quilts but have been a bit intimidated to take on either of these, now's your chance. I'll walk you through the directions so you can just enjoy making the many delightful blocks she puts into unique settings. I fell in love with Elizabeth Hartman's "Patchwork City" the first time I saw it. I'll be ready to teach this quilt by spring 2021, all 75 blocks of it.

"Patchwork City" by Elizabeth Hartman

Several schedules possible. Best as five three-hour classes.


This 75-block quilt takes awhile to make but not to worry. This class will offer you a range of possibilities for smaller quilts with just the blocks you like most. Elizabeth designed this quilt with exactly that in mind. She offers multiple settings with various numbers of blocks as inspiration. The first class will give you time to select the blocks you’ll make so your quilt will be uniquely yours. These are fun blocks to make. You’ll never be bored. This quilt lets you use a wide range of your favorite, fun fabrics as you create a city that fits your personality. I worked in New York City for 20 years, so I had to have taxicabs in my blocks. When I couldn't find the right fabric, I printed my own. This is the perfect quilt for such fun touches that personalize it as you enjoy Elizabeth's significant design talent exhibited in these fun blocks.

Jen Kingwell’s "Baker’s Dozen"

This can be taught as a Block of the Month class or in various time configurations to fit your quilt group's schedule.


This medallion quilt is a wonderful setting of fun block designs that give you an opportunity to use as many fabrics as you want. I chose to work only with fabrics from Hoffman Fabrics’ 885 dot batiks, making the quilt a satisfying exercise in color and value selection. If you like this choice, you can purchase a kit of these fabrics for the class from Stitcher’s Garden in Pueblo, Colorado, 719-545-3320. You’ll need to purchase Jen Kingwell’s Baker’s Dozen book.


Jen Kingwell’s "Wandering Wife"

16 hours in four 4-hour sessions

Jen Kingwell’s "Wandering Wife" has been among quilting’s most popular designs in the last few years but too many folks have abandoned making this amazing quilt after finding it difficult to follow her directions. This class is the answer to that dilemma. I’ll walk you through the pattern, offer some tips on alternative ways to piece some of the blocks and guidance in putting it all together. You’ll be surprised how easy it is once you have a road map and a guide to steer you through it. And you’ll fall in love with Jen’s wonderful selection of traditional blocks in a setting that is anything but traditional. You’ll need to purchase Jen Kingwell’s pattern book for this class.

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